Zero-Touch Devices

Portable Door Opener

We can also create laser cut door openers to avoid contact with surfaces.

Materialise Door Opener

This is a 3D printed device that attaches to a door handle with two bolts and a rubber insert to provide grip and protect the handle from harm. Whether a horizontal handle or a vertical one, the design allows you to use your forearm to open the door without needing to touch the handle with your hands.

Ideal for high traffic, or high risk areas especially bathrooms, this prevents wet hands from picking up or sharing bacteria or viruses that could then be transferred from hand to face inadvertently. By using the forearm, you are far less likely to then touch your face with your forearm and thus minimise transmission of harmful bacteria or viruses. Ideal for the upcoming flu season and of course Covid-19.

The design is open source and freely available, or we can print them for you, and provide the bolts and rubber insert.

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